Questions to Ask Recruiters in the Construction Industry

Questions to Ask Recruiters Key Points

  • Understanding the right questions to ask a recruiter is a critical step in your job search
  • Whether you are actively pursuing a new job or not, as a career conscious professional, you should consider taking a homebuilding recruiter’s call and building your professional network.
  • These 14 questions to ask about the job opening and the executive recruiter, can provide valuable insight on whether or not the job opportunity is worth your consideration.

What Questions to Ask a Recruiter in the Building Industry

Knowing the right questions to ask recruiters in the construction industry is critical to understanding potential roles and setting expectations.  Periodically throughout your career, you’ll receive a call from a homebuilding or building materials search firm looking to network about an open position.  Whether you are actively pursuing a new job or not, it may be beneficial, as a career conscious professional, to take the call and build your professional network.

In the event you are pursuing a new job, or are willing to assist the recruiter with referrals, below are helpful questions to ask recruiters.

1. What are the primary qualifications of the homebuilding opportunity?

job seeker that knows what questions to ask recruiters in constructionIt’s great to get the primary qualifications out of the way early in your call to qualify your potential for the role and perhaps someone else in your network.  Also, in most cases, the recruiter will have a separate list of hot-button needs from their client.

2. What is the job description?

Hearing correctly what their home builder client expects you to do is essential.  Based on the job description, make sure the job is something that interests you and stretches your skillset a bit.

3. Are you working with this employer exclusively?

Here’s where you find out what has gone into the search so far and maybe what your chances are.  If the recruiter has the home builder job exclusively or is sharing it with only one other recruiter, you have a better chance to get your resume reviewed by the hiring manager.

Make sure your recruiter believes in you for the position and is doing everything she can to get you noticed.  Also, make sure the resume you present highlights the experience the employer requires. Here’s where you need to stand out from the pack.

4. How long has the job been open?

If the residential construction position has been open a long time, it could mean that you are dealing with a particularly picky builder or perhaps, that the job is undesirable.  Separately, in the case of a brand-new opening, an employer will probably want to interview several other candidates before settling on the right person for the job.

In either case, the length of time a position has been open probably isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s great info to have.

5. Why has the job been open for a long time?

If the recruiter says the job has been open a long time, you’ll want to gain additional info.  In most cases, the recruiter will know exactly why the position has been open for so long.

6. What is the reason for the opening?

The builder position could be a newly created one or the result of someone leaving the company or accepting a promotion.  If the person left the company, it’s essential to explore why and get an understanding if there is an issue of company turnover.  Likewise, if the person accepted a promotion, it’s great to know the qualities they had that made them successful in the role.

7. How would you describe the company’s culture?

Before an interview, you’ll want to research a company’s culture to see if you’d be a good fit. The best way to do this is to study a company’s website and poke around social media, but it can be challenging to pick up the vibe from behind a screen.  If you’ve got a recruiter on the phone, be sure to ask.  A recruiter should be able to provide some additional insight and color.

8. What are the steps in the interview process?

This question will help you understand what to expect in the process.  Some builders and hiring managers want to go through several rounds of interviews to gauge fit, while others may be comfortable with fewer.  Knowing the answer to this question will help you understand where you are in the process and what to expect in the future at a given point.

9. How quickly is the company looking to fill the role?

Sometimes it takes weeks to hear back after an interview. By asking how quickly a company’s looking to fill a position, you can better understand the pace at which the process will move.

10. What are some reasons previous candidates didn’t get an offer?

While the recruiter may not be willing to share this information with you, it’s still a good idea to try to glean as much information as possible about potential turn-offs for the employer. Knowing the mistakes of previous candidates will help you make sure you don’t repeat them

11. How much travel is involved?  

a professional asking recruiter questions about job openingMake sure the job location and potential commute are suitable for you and your family.  Also, make sure to ask how much travel is necessary for the role, if any.

12. What is the compensation package?

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask about the compensation range of the role you are discussing.  As a career conscious professional, you should already know your worth and whether or not the presented compensation in addition to the job opportunity makes sense.

13. How long have you been a residential construction/homebuilding executive recruiter?

Listen to find out if they have substantial experience as a recruiter and in the residential construction industry.  If this is one of their first searches in the industry, you may need to dig deeper regarding the role and builder.

14. How often do you communicate with the hiring manager?

Among the questions to ask on a recruiter call, this one is as important as any other. It’s simply great to understand the relationship between the recruiter and their home-building client.  Their relationship will give you an idea of how much they can influence the process and help you get the job.  Listen for clues about how often they communicate and seek out advice on how to best handle the process and prep for the interviews.

Questions to Ask Recruiters Early in the Process Can Give Valuable Insight

The home building recruiter that calls you has a vested interest in filling a position for their client.  They will most likely present candidates who seem like the best fit.  Someone who has done her homework and seems equally invested in the role is a much more viable candidate than someone who hasn’t prepared for the call.  Asking questions shows interest and commitment to your presentation.

While this may not be the perfect role for you, that’s okay. It’s important to know that early in the process. Asking questions will help you learn about whether the job is a good fit.

The recruiter can give you invaluable insights into what the hiring manager is looking for as well. They’ll also provide tips about the employer and what it’s like to work with them. Knowing this information will help you better prepare for the interview process and understand what to highlight to the hiring manager.

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