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About Us

Welcome to MatchBuilt, your trusted partner in career excellence and recruitment solutions. With over 18 years of dedicated service, our team of experts has been instrumental in shaping careers across homebuilding, construction and land development, and building products by placing hundreds of executives and coaching thousands of candidates.

Our Mission and Values

At MatchBuilt, we go beyond traditional recruitment; we are mentors in career development and architects of professional dreams. Our mission transcends the homebuilding and building materials sector, extending to various industries where our expertise in coaching exceptional talent throughout their careers shines. We stand for integrity, dedication, and excellence, with a personalized approach that caters to the unique aspirations of job seekers and the strategic needs of employers across industries.

Our Founding Story

Founded by Mark and Stacy Matyanowski, MatchBuilt's roots are in homebuilding, but our branches are spread across multiple industries. Our founders' diverse experiences, from pivotal roles in sales and training to becoming top-tier talent acquisition specialists, are a testament to our versatile career development and recruitment expertise.

Team Expertise

Our team holds deep expertise in the homebuilding sector and in providing career guidance and recruitment services across various fields. This versatility enables us to offer insights and strategies that are tailored to a broad range of career paths and industry needs.

Recognition and Trust

MatchBuilt has earned recognition for its impact across multiple industries. Our accolades and the trust we've garnered reflect our holistic approach to career development and recruitment, contributing to advancing standards and practices beyond homebuilding.

Real-world Impact

Our impact is seen in the multitude of success stories from various industries. The executives we've placed and the candidates we've coached have achieved remarkable success, showcasing our effectiveness and the widespread trust in our guidance and services.

Connect with Us

Join us in your journey to professional growth. Whether you're seeking career guidance, looking to elevate your team, or exploring opportunities in homebuilding or other industries, Mark and Stacy are here to guide you.

Ongoing Commitment

Our narrative is continuously evolving, mirroring the dynamic nature of various industries. Keep up with our latest achievements and contributions on this page as we continue to lead and innovate in career development and recruitment.

Mark Matyanowski

Mark Matyanowski, Founder and Cross-Industry Talent Acquisition Visionary at MatchBuilt

With an unwavering passion for the homebuilding industry and a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, Mark Matyanowski stands as a pillar in executive recruitment. His journey from being a dynamic sales manager and vice president of sales at Pulte, one of the nation's premier homebuilders, to founding MatchBuilt reflects his deep-seated commitment to excellence in talent acquisition.

Mark's understanding of homebuilder operations and market dynamics gives him a unique lens to identify and connect the top 100 homebuilders with unparalleled talent.

As a respected thought leader, his insights and strategies have shaped the landscape of recruitment in the homebuilding sector.

Whether guiding job seekers toward their dream roles or helping companies discover transformative talents, Mark's expertise stands out to those aspiring to new heights in their careers.

If you're interested in discussing your job search or finding great talent, we invite you to connect with Mark on LinkedIn here.

Stacy Matyanowski

Stacy Matyanowski, Talent Acquisition Specialist and Multi-Industry Insider at MatchBuilt

Stacy Matyanowski brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique insider’s perspective to her role at MatchBuilt. Her extensive experience as a regional recruiter and sales trainer with PulteGroup, a leading name in homebuilding, has imbued her with invaluable insights and a nuanced understanding of the industry. Stacy's approach is characterized by a deep commitment to service excellence and a keen eye for the perfect fit between job seekers and employers.

Her expertise lies in identifying talent and understanding the intricate needs of clients and candidates, ensuring a seamless and successful matchmaking process.

Her dedication to fostering lasting relationships and her intuitive understanding of the industry make Stacy an invaluable asset to job seekers and companies seeking exceptional talent.

If you're interested in discussing your job search or finding great talent, we invite you to connect with Stacy on LinkedIn here.

At MatchBuilt, success is built on solid relationships, exceptional service, and a commitment to excellence. Whether you're looking for your dream job or the perfect candidate, we're here to help.