Where to Find Home Builder and Building Products Jobs Online

In addition to MatchBuilt, there are many online job sites, but the best job boards and job search engines have easy-to-use search tools that are fast and allow you to search based on the type of home builder jobs you’re looking for, your location, and other criteria.  On any one of these online job boards we’ll mention today, you can effortlessly search by job titles, such as Project Manager, Land Acquisition Manager, or Director of Sales.

Some of the best job sites for searching for home builder jobs and building product jobs are traditional job boards, like Monster and CareerBuilder.  Others, like Indeed, allow you to explore the results and feeds of many job boards, company career sites, associations, and other sources of job postings. As of 2019, you can even search directly on Google to find job opportunities.

Some sites focus on certain types of positions or match you with employers. These sites are also worth incorporating into your job search because not all employers list their home builder jobs on every website even though it may seem that way.

Looking for a list of the top job boards and search sites for home builder careers?  Our team put together a list of places to help you find home builder jobs online.

How to Find Home Builder and Building Products Jobs

What’s the best way to start a building industry job search and find home builders and manufacturers who want to interview you and get hired?

Here are steps you can take to find new construction industry jobs, where to look for residential construction jobs, the top job sites to use, how to use your connections to boost your job hunt, how to ace the interview, how to follow up, and more advice on how to get hired for your next job.

Find the Best Home Builder Job Listings

What are the best sites to use to find home building job openings fast?  As mentioned above, check out the best job search engine sites, job banks, company websites, networking sites, niche job sites, and sites listed by type of job.  Also, consider working with a homebuilding recruiter to maximize your opportunities.  Review a list of the best job sites to use to get started.

Keep Your Building Industry Jobs Search Focused

Use the job search engines, if possible, to find residential construction jobs by using keywords that match your interests and the location where you want to work. Narrowing your search criteria will help you focus your home builder job search and will give you more relevant job listings to review and fewer non-relevant job listings to weed through.  Use advanced search options to drill down to the location where you want to work and the specific positions for which you’re interested.

Build Your Professional Brand

Create profiles on LinkedIn and other networking sites that have residential construction participants.   A strong personal brand that portrays you in a professional light will provide recruiters, builders, and contacts with a strong positive impression of you as a candidate.  We have some great tips on improving your LinkedIn summary section on our blog.

Connect With Your Residential Construction Contacts

Now that you’ve created home building profiles on networking sites start using them. Connect with everyone you know, because you never know which contact may be able to help you with your job search or put you in touch with someone who can. If you’re a college graduate, check out the networking opportunities available for alumni from your university.  Do you belong to a professional association such as the NAHB? It will be another good source for networking leads.

Use Job Search Apps and Tools

Many apps, widgets, gadgets, and tools will help you to expedite your home builder job search and manage your career.  Use them to organize your job search and save valuable job searching time. You’ll be able to do many of your job search activities from your smartphone or tablet.

Create a List of Home Building Companies You Would Love to Work

Do you have a list of builders with whom you would like to work? If not, it’s a good idea to research company information and create a list of companies to target in your job search.  All the information you need is available on the web, and it’s easy to find detailed information about potential employers online.

Once you have a list of dream employers you’d love to work for, you can do some special outreach to get your application noticed. You may even be able to sign up to get email notifications for new job openings immediately upon posting.

You can view the top 100 home builders to work for here.

Take the Time to Target Your Resume and Cover Letter to Home Builders

How do builders and employers know that you’ve got the required skills? You’ll need to show them on your resume. It’s essential to take the time to write targeted resumes and cover letters that explicitly link your qualifications to the hiring criteria for the jobs to which you are applying.

The hiring manager will be able to see, at a glance, why and how you are qualified for the job. You’ll have a much better chance of getting an interview than if you merely sent a generic letter and resume.

You can find a ton of great resume and interview advice on our career development and employer resources blog.

Prepare to Master the Interview

Taking the time, in advance, to prepare for an interview will help you succeed. The more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be.

Research the company before you go for the interview, dress appropriately, practice answering and asking interview questions, and make a concerted effort to impress the interviewer with your skills, experience, confidence, and expertise.

Consider checking out our blog for a few great interview tips, and you’ll be ready in no time.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

It’s essential to follow up after an interview by thanking everyone you met. Also, reiterate your interest in the position and remind the hiring manager why you’re an excellent candidate for the job.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and a quick email or note thanking the interviewer for his or her time will give you another opportunity to make a good impression.

Accept (or Decline) a Job Offer

When you receive a job offer, it’s essential to take the time to evaluate the proposal carefully, so you are making an educated decision to accept or to reject it.

You don’t have to accept a job just because you received an offer, but do carefully evaluate it, and if you decline, do so politely. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a “yes” or “no” decision. You may be able to negotiate the terms by making a counteroffer. Or, you may be able to negotiate some extra perks that would make the job more enticing.

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When to Use a Recruiter or Search Firm

When does it make sense to use a search firm or recruiter to assist with your job search? If you seem stuck in a rut and you are not getting calls for interviews, it can make sense to use a specific homebuilding or building products, recruiter, to broaden your job search. It can also make sense if you are in a high-level position since those jobs are mostly confidential, or in an industry that typically uses search firms to fill vacancies.

Search firms have contacts in industries and companies for which you might not even be aware of. They can help market your resume and provide you with additional exposure to potential employers. Headhunters spend their working hours looking for employment opportunities. That’s time researching employers that you won’t have to pay.

Some employers are impressed by candidates who are represented by recruiters. Also, you will have a professional representing your qualifications for the company. The headhunter can also help you negotiate a compensation package.
Keep in mind that there’s a difference between paying an agency to help you with your job search and using a recruiter to connect you with potential employers. You will want to use a recruiter or search firm that is paid by your prospective employer.  Recruiters can also give you insider market information about how many jobs there are in homebuilding and building materials.

Best Home Builder and Building Products Recruiters

MatchBuilt is among the best home builder and building product recruiters and helps you find the best residential construction building industry jobs. We are a boutique agency with expert recruiters specializing in staffing high-quality executive, construction, sales, finance, and land management positions.

For home builders and building materials companies, we understand that in today’s world, you don’t just need a generalist or even someone from a similar field.  You need industry veterans who’ve been living and breathing in your domain already, with an established track record of delivering quality work, perhaps even at one of your competitors.  You want a candidate who can come in and hit the ground running with little ramp-up.

MatchBuilt, among the best building industry recruiters, helps you to find your match to the right candidate for your specific needs. Long-term or short, MatchBuilt homebuilding recruiters are your source for quality technical candidates for a flexible workforce.

Home Builder and Building Products Job Locations

At MatchBuilt, we help residential construction candidates and home building companies across the United States.  You can search by location, for example, home building jobs in Atlanta, GA.

Check out our blog for more advice and career development tips in the construction industry.

How Many Jobs are Available in Home Building?

The home building industry creates many jobs and also depends on job creation.  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that building 100 single-family homes generates 300 jobs that last year.  These jobs create more worker income, allowing for more household formation that, in turn, requires more homes.

The two-way street is one reason why housing usually leads the economy out of a recession. Newly created jobs help create new households, building homes produce more jobs, and the cycle continues.

Per the NAHB:

Management jobs constituted approximately 9% of jobs in the residential construction industry, for a total of more than 55,700 positions. Office and administrative support made up the second-largest category, which at more than 86,600 jobs represented 14% of sector employment. Sales staff made up about 5% of industry employment, with 55,700 positions. Business and finance occupations held 4% of industry employment at more than 30,100 jobs.

Other jobs in home building, generally representing about 6% in combination, include architects, lawyers, designers, building/grounds maintenance staff, security guards, drivers, and IT staff.

Not surprisingly, the largest share of home building/remodeling employment is concentrated in construction and extraction jobs. For 2014, more than 407,000 jobs were in such fields.  The following chart provides a breakdown of these jobs.

res industry occupations_construction_2014

Carpenters make up almost half of construction/extraction jobs (46%), for a total of more than 171,000 jobs in the home building and remodeling sectors. The OES defines carpenters as workers who construct, erect, install or repair structures made of wood. This category also includes workers who install cabinets, drywall, siding, and insulation. Approximately 30% of all carpenters nationwide are employed by the residential building construction sector.

Rounding out the construction segment of industry employment are construction laborers, worksite supervisors, brick masons, stonemasons, carpet/tile installers, cement masons, equipment operators, drywall installers, electricians, glaziers, insulation workers, painters, plumbers, plasters, rebar workers, roofers, sheet metal workers, and solar panel installers.

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