5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Pop

Key Points:

  • Your LinkedIn headline is key to being found amongst your network and by recruiters.
  • Don’t waste a good opportunity to stand out and consider changing the default LinkedIn professional headline that is your current job title and employer.
  • Your LinkedIn headline allows you to combine personal marketing and personal SEO (search engine optimization) while leveraging the best keywords for your career.

5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Pop

A LinkedIn headline gives you an opportunity to describe what you do in 120 characters or less. This brief description appears next to your user name in search results.  The goal of the headline is to entice your network or recruiters to click on your profile to learn more about your experience and background.

The headline is important whether or not you are happily employed, passively seeking a new job, or between jobs.  In addition, the headline is important is you are simply interested in becoming more socially active or building your personal brand.

tips for homebuilding linkedin headline
5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Pop

Your LinkedIn headline also allows you to combine personal marketing and personal SEO (search engine optimization) while leveraging the best keywords for your career.  Below are a handful of tips that you may want to consider to maximize the use of this valuable LinkedIn real estate.

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1.  Add Your Industry

Perhaps you are a project manager in the homebuilding industry or the commercial construction industry.  Adding your industry may add a little more pop and relevancy to those searching.  “Project Manager with 5 Years in Retail Construction” will help distinguish you from those in civil construction and “New Home Sales Manager with 8 Years Experience Mentoring High Performers” may help distinguish you as a homebuilding sales pro with an exceptional team.

2.  Add a Speciality

Perhaps a specialty sets you apart from other peers or you have an interest or passion you are pursuing.  Consider adding those to your headline to set yourself apart.  “Infill Land Acquisition Manager Specializing Multi-Family Developments” for example, helps identify you as an expert in urban properties.  Likewise, “Green Building Superintendent with Passion for Energy Efficiency” reflects positively on your environmental building techniques.

3.  Include What You Do

An easy way to make your headline stand out is to add the results of your work.  Let’s say you are a Customer Service Representative at Pulte Homes and you are in charge of helping out customers just before and after closing.  Instead of leaving the title as “Customer Service Rep”, use “Creating Homeowners for Life in Customer Service at PulteGroup”.

4.  Avoid Obvious and Intentional Exaggeration

Your headline is no place to brag or be inappropriate!  Avoid hyperbole, and don’t be dishonest.  A few words to avoid include “greatest at..”, “expert in…”, “top-performing…”, “best at…”, “proactive”, “hardest working…”, “capable at…”

5.  Don’t Say You Are Unemployed

We’ve seen so many job seekers and networkers waste a great opportunity on their LinkedIn headline.  Don’t label yourself as “Unemployed” when out of a job or utilize “Seeking New Opportunities” when looking for jobs.  Consider using the tips above with the right keywords to increase the probability that your profile will appear in a recruiter’s search.

More LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Headline Pop

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