Having Trouble Finding Top Talent?  Our Construction Executive Search Firm Can Help

recruiter for a construction executive search firmConsidered among the top construction executive search firms in North America, MatchBuilt specializes in the placement of residential construction homebuilding and building materials professionals and executives.

With our founders’ deep understanding of residential construction and the homebuilding sector, we have leveraged our national relationships to build a network of unreachable project managers, production managers, purchasing professionals, land specialists, executives, and visionaries.

Construction executive search, or any recruiting firm for that matter, is much more than just finding resumes. Some of the most complicated aspects of a construction search is selling a candidate on the company and position that you are recruiting for by giving them incentives far beyond anything monetary.  Here are a few of the reasons top construction companies call on MatchBuilt time and time again:

  • Years of management and recruiting experience at one of the leading public homebuilders in the country
  • Responsible for high-profile discreet President and C-level placements
  • Quick to scale search services
  • Specialists in relocating construction talent around North America
  • Founded by professionals with an extensive production homebuilding background
  • A recruiting team comprised of great negotiators and researchers
  • A 15-year history of identifying the top 5% construction and homebuilding talent

Our construction, building products, and supply executive search staff thrive on creating mutually beneficial partnerships that last. We seek to ensure that our clients receive the support they need to meet their business goals, and we are committed to finding the right candidate for you.

Why Partner With Us For Your Next Construction Executive Search?

Exceptional Talent is Hard to Come By

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The lack of construction graduates is making the market for great homebuilding managers and executives extremely tight. When you look back at the ’90s through the early 2000’s up until today, you know many of the great superintendents, project managers, and purchasing specialists never graduated college but are now in management and executive roles. The education gap has left a void in the construction labor market that we try to bridge with our clients every day.

Some have stringent requirements where they want the top-level construction graduate.  Others don’t care about education; they want to see a portfolio of the construction projects that are large in scale and very complicated.

We Tailor the to Your Requirments

MatchBuilt construction recruiters take a tailored approach when it comes to screening residential construction candidates by going the distance to ensure we present to you the candidate or candidates who will be the right fit for your position and culture.

During our initial conversation, we look forward to discussing in detail your needs and culture to ensure we get the best idea of what team members you are looking to hire.  We access the tools at our disposal to identify, evaluate, and place professionals who stand out above the crowd.

We Boast a Vast Network of Qualified, Confidential Candidates

Our vast network and database of construction candidates are just the beginning.  Our work doesn’t stop at posting positions; we reach out for referrals, network with past candidates, and implement a bounty system to leverage an array of other networks and databases.  We work every angle to source the best of the best, and we narrow down the choices to at least three qualified candidates that fit your expectations.  MatchBuilt allocates directly to your needs and consistently updates you on progress during the recruiting process.

construction company using an executive search firmWhen partnering with MatchBuilt executive search, a top headhunter for the construction industry, for your construction recruiting and executive search projects, you can rest assured that we understand your specific requirements, have proven that we can identify top 5% talent, and will walk them through the door with our superior negotiating and onboarding skills.

Our Construction Executive Search Process

  1. Discovery:  We begin by learning the specific needs of our client partners and developing a descriptive candidate profile.

  2. Research & Plan:  Next, we create a targeted list of local and national professionals with whom we plan to network.

  3. Network:  Following the research, we leverage our extensive North American professional network to connect with top tier candidates that match our client’s preferred requirements.

  4. Candidate Pool:  We then create a list of leading candidates that closely match our client’s requirements.

  5. Attract and Qualify:  List in hand; we then qualify the top targets via an evidence-based recruiting practice to narrow the pool down to the top 3-5 candidates.

  6. Candidate Presentation & Interview Preparation:  Next, we present the candidate resume and detailed bios in preparation for the client’s preferred interview process.

  7. Job Offer:  Upon selection of the leading candidate, we stay involved with offer presentation, negotiation, and acceptance.

  8. Engagement:  We ensure constant engagement with the upcoming hire until the start day to assure successful onboarding.

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Job Seekers, Gain a Competitive Edge in Your Job Search With MatchBuilt at Your Side

job seeker preparing for interview with construction companyJob seekers, the homebuilding and building materials recruiters at MatchBuilt works with homebuilders and product manufacturers of all sizes, both private and public, across the country. MatchBuilt’s dedicated construction executive search team has been matching candidates with construction management and building product positions for over 20 years. Gain a competitive edge in your job search with MatchBuilt on your side.

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FAQs About Working With Construction Executive Search Firms

What’s the difference between temporary, direct-hire, and temp-to-hire jobs?

Companies utilize temporary jobs during peak times of the year when they need help in handling additional workload or a special project. Direct-hire jobs, you’re hired for a permanent, usually full-time position. You are eligible for all the benefits that come with being an employee of that company, including insurance and paid-time-off. Temp-to-hire is kind of a hybrid of the two, where you’re “contracted” as a temporary worker, which allows you to evaluate whether the company and position are a good fit before being hired internally.

What’s the difference between headhunters, recruiters, and hiring managers?

Headhunters work for third-party agencies to fill roles at companies. Construction companies of all sizes hire them to fill a critical or urgent vacancy, like an executive position. It’s also possible to hire a headhunter to find you a job. Recruiters can work for either third-party agencies, like a headhunter, or in-house for a particular company. Hiring managers work for the employer and often team up with recruiters. They’re responsible for hiring talent and will often be the person you’ll work with daily if you become an employee.

What are the different types of recruiting agencies?

As a job seeker, you’ll encounter five types of recruiters: corporate, contingency, retained, outplacement, and staffing agency. Corporate recruiters are the most common, and their job is to fill full-time positions. They may work for the employer or a third-party agency and earn a salary for their work. Contingency recruiters are also responsible for filling full-time positions. But unlike corporate recruiters, they’re only paid if they fill a vacant role, and they base their fee o a percentage of the placement’s first-year salary.

Retained recruiters are similar to those that work on contingency. But instead of earning a percentage of the placement’s salary, they’re paid a retainer for their search efforts. That said, they must make a successful hire to receive the full retained amount. Outplacement recruiters usually work with displaced workers. They’re often hired by the employer to help to exit employees find new jobs.

Staffing agencies work in a variety of industries and specialize in placing workers into temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct placement roles. If a staffing agency places you on a temporary or temp-to-hire role, you’re considered an employee of that agency — not the company where you’re working the job.

Should I submit my resume as a PDF or Word document?

How you submit your resume will depend largely on the employer. Some will ask for only PDFs, while others may request a Microsoft Word document. What we do recommend is building your resume in multiple formats with key core competencies so that you can apply for a position at a moment’s notice. The various formats allow you to do different things with a resume. Word documents, for example, are quite easy to copy and paste, while PDFs print better than other formats.

Do I need a cover letter?

Sending a cover letter is almost always a good decision. It gives you a chance to highlight the reasons why you’re the strongest candidate for the job. It also provides an opportunity to explain away any potential concerns an employer might have with your experience, like a gap in your employment history.

Even if employers don’t ask for a cover letter, the chances are good that they still expect one. It’s always best to weigh on the side of caution — unless, of course, there’s no means in submitting one, as is sometimes the case with online application forms. In this situation, you may find there’s no field to upload a cover letter. Although a well-written cover letter may increase your chances of getting an interview, it is not always necessary to submit one.

What should I do about gaps in my experience?

Rarely will recruiters or hiring managers take issue with gaps in your experience — as long as you have a reason for those gaps. It’s always best to be upfront and honest about why you weren’t working. Before meeting with recruiters or hiring managers, make sure you take the time to prepare your answer. Even if it’s something as simple as “needing time away to recharge” or “raising my children,” it’s an explanation, and most employers won’t take issue with the gap.

Does it really matter if I’ve job-hopped?

As with anything, job-hopping comes with both pros and cons. When you move from job to job, you gain a diverse background of experience, which can be attractive to a variety of employers. You’re also building a larger professional network and who you know that gets you the job. Plus, people can earn more money from changing jobs than they would from internal pay increases or even promotions.

That said, a potential employer may question whether you’ll be around for the long haul, and choose instead to hire a candidate with a longer tenure. Your job-hopping can also make you seem unreliable, especially when you’re making lateral moves. And then, of course, you could be burning bridges and not building a network when hopping around.

How can MatchBuilt help me with my job search?

One of the main benefits of working with a recruiting agency like MatchBuilt is that we make it a little easier to find employment — be it temporary, direct-hire, or temp-to-hire. The option is entirely up to you.

But beyond the obvious, we also guide resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc., and provide several resources you can use to prepare you better to find the right job for your particular background and skills.

If you do choose to go the temporary route, we not only help you find a job and earn a competitive wage, but also offer benefits, including health insurance, 401K, holiday pay, and even referral bonuses. And while you’re working that temp job, our team is already busy trying to line up another position for when that one ends.

If you’d like to learn more about MatchBuilt, and what we can do to help you in your job search, let us know today. A member of our team would be more than happy to answer your questions and help you advance your career.

Construction Executive Search Client Testimonials

A key factor that sets MatchBuilt apart from their peers in the industry is their in-depth residential construction and building products experience.  Their hands-on background within the industry provides unparalleled insights into the needs of their clients for the positions they seek to fill. 

– Regional President, National Homebuilder

MatchBuilt’s insights, detailed approach and ability to focus on what drives and motivates leaders are why they are successful in executive search.  They were invaluable in helping our company build its leadership team”. 

– General Manager, Building Products

MatchBuilt does a great job of overcommunicating and keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.  They are timely in their searches and send you only the most qualified candidates so you don’t have to sift through dozens of resume.  Mark and the MatchBuilt team have always performed with the utmost integrity. 

– VPHR, National Building Materials Supplier

Mark and Stacy were able to be reached anytime.  All of our questions were answered in a timely fashion and their skills at following up are top-notch!

-HR Manager, Regional Homebuilder

MatchBuilt has truly been an extension of our recruiting team and process by getting to know us, our culture, and mission and then educating prospective candidates on our opportunities. You always ask the hard, detailed questions so that you get all of the information early in the process and that’s what really sets MatchBuilt apart from the competition. 

– Regional HR Manager, Residential Construction Services Company

For over 10 years, MatchBuilt not only became our number one vendor but also one I came to rely on and trust the most. 

-GM, National Building Materials Company

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