5 Personal Branding Tips for Job Seeking Introverts

Personal branding isn’t just for extroverts who comfortably share their lives and stories on social media. Job-seeking introverts can also successfully brand themselves without relying on other people. Rather than using the same techniques as extroverts, introverts’ key to success is to find a way to brand themselves that works for them.

Top Personal Branding Tips for Introverts

Successful personal branding for introverts is possible by following a few simple tips. Building influence involves figuring out how to get people to notice you by being consistently genuine and focused. Remember that personal branding takes time and often consists of some failure. You will leave a remarkable legacy by staying positive and living your brand.

For many introverts, being noticed is akin to nightmares. Introverts do not have to become gregarious showoffs to build their brand. Instead, using social media sites like LinkedIn make successful personal branding from a distance a reality.

1. Be Dedicated, Creative, and Patient

It is tough to build a brand overnight. It takes time to grow social media sites through consistent posting. Social media allows you to share your story and do it from the comfort of your home or workplace. You control what you say, when, and who can see it.

Social media also lets you contact individuals. You can build relationships with people you meet safely online through your dedicated activity. These connections help you develop your brand as they share your stories with other people.

Remember that just because you post something on LinkedIn or another social media site doesn’t mean people will see it. You might have to invite your connections to look at your posts, especially in the beginning. If nothing happens, then you know people do not see your work.

If a typical extroverted skill doesn’t fit your style, you must develop something more creative. For example, extroverts are relatively comfortable speaking in public, and Introverts are not. So, instead of avoiding speaking, be creative, and find a solution, like making videos. You can practice and shoot them several times to perfect them.

You might feel awkward when you first begin shooting videos, but it won’t take long before your comfort builds. Being prepared with an outline or script helps, too.

2. Make Your Brand Valuable

To engage people, you should make your brand valuable – not through money, but with content. Think of your social media outlets as being like magazines or TV channels. You want to fill them with programming that draws readers and viewers. Your content should showcase you and what you offer to an employer, client, friends, and followers.

You will need to decide what type of content you want to share. LinkedIn lets members share job announcements, write blogs, and post them on the site. They also allow users to upload videos and other visual content. Will you post educational content? Informative? Entertaining? Think of what you enjoy reading and watching, then create content that you would regularly read and watch.

The value comes in offering something to your viewers and readers. If you provide engaging content consistently, they will come back for more. If your content gets them thinking, they will reach out with comments.

When you build your content, craft it to fit LinkedIn’s goals of keeping users on the site. Do not include outbound links. Instead, share links to other LinkedIn posts and videos – especially ones you have created.

Posting consistent and valuable content will help your job search as employers will see what you can do and that you dedicate yourself to getting jobs done.

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3. Involve Other People

Don’t focus only on yourself when building your brand to help your job search. You must involve other people and acknowledge their value in their worlds. You show potential employers and clients that you are a team player when you include others.

You can involve others by writing about them in your posts or showcasing them in your videos. You can also feature their faces in the images you share when you post on social media. Showing gratitude to others shows your leadership skills and your empathy toward others.

4. Work with a Mentor

As an introvert, sharing your story on social media can be daunting. Many introverts benefit from working with a mentor or advisor, as the one-on-one conversation can be comforting and encouraging. Introverts benefit from having an extroverted mentor to help them see opportunities that extroverts notice, but introverts might not.

Mentors and advisors push their mentees to step out of their comfort zones and take beneficial risks. That added confidence is priceless when looking for a job and building a brand.

5. Use Your Surroundings

While you are busy branding yourself, pay close attention to your environment. When you make videos for LI, notice what you have in the background and pick a spot that features your brand. For example, if you are trying to build an eco-friendly brand, fill your environment with eco-friendly products and natural plants.

If you are looking for a job that requires certifications and licenses, have those in the background. Your viewers will notice what’s back there. It is also essential to consider your environment if you are involved in teleconferences and video meetings. Your background images separate you from the other candidates vying for the same jobs.

Your environment also includes your apparel and grooming habits. Think of how the colors you wear or the accessories you put on affect your videos’ look. Iron your clothes and do your hair so your viewers see that you care about your appearance. If you are building a white-collar brand, dress the part. If you show your artistic skills, wear professional clothes with a bit of flare.

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Personal Branding for Introverts Final Thoughts

Personal branding for introverts might be challenging at first. Eventually, introverts become more comfortable showcasing themselves on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Your experience and value will shine through, and employers and clients will notice.

Keep in mind that personal branding takes time, but staying positive and living your brand will leave a remarkable legacy. For many introverts, being noticed is a challenge, but using social media sites like LinkedIn can make successful personal branding-from-a-distance a reality.

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