Job Board: 70% of Resumes Viewed by a Robot First

Key Points:

  • Ian Siegel, the CEO of ZipRecruiter, gave an eye-opening, yet not very surprising interview with CNBC about how to get noticed by their resume-viewing robot.
  • Match your resume with the job description, apply early, and express your excitement for the job are three ways to get noticed on their job board.

By and large, job boards are a big piece of a job seeker’s and hiring company’s toolbox.  While many believe that job boards simply don’t work, a high percentage of job seekers and employers continue to use the sites with success.  Ian Siegel, the CEO of ZipRecruiter, gave an eye-opening, yet not very surprising interview with CNBC about how difficult it is to get noticed by resume-viewing AI robot on their board.

3 Steps to Getting Noticed On ZipRecruiter

Siegel suggests that getting noticed on a big job board like ZipRecruiter can be difficult if you don’t follow a certain protocol because  70% of the resumes are read by a robot before they are by a human.

If you want to make sure you pop to the top of the list for a job on ZipRecruiter, consider the following steps:

  1. Match your resume with the job description:  Make sure you list your skills and “use the same language in your resume that is used in the job description”.  Siegel says that an exact match is the quickest way to be ranked number one with the automated algorithms that are looking at your resume.
  2. Apply early:  Make sure you apply as soon as the job you are interested in goes live.  In fact, applications to jobs in the first 7 days are 50% more likely to be read by the employer
  3. Express your excitement for the opportunity:  Be vulnerable and show an expression of excitement about the company you are interested in.

It sounds like sound advice when navigating the challenges of applying to jobs among 100s if not 1000s of additional candidates.  It’s worth noting, considering this topic, that at MatchBuilt home building recruiters, humans review and consider every resume submitted.

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