Is it Worth Getting OSHA Certified?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known as OSHA, has been around since the 1970s and provides additional training for those who work in various industries to increase their health and safety awareness and practices to promote a safe workplace that will protect both the business and its employees.

OSHA’s courses can be completed both in person and online, depending on what kind of course you are looking to complete, and can be a cost-effective way for employers to achieve health and safety qualifications for their employees. The courses meet the required legal framework and help prevent injuries or accidents that can lead to costly lawsuits.

Workers are protected by OSHA as they help increase their awareness of safety-related practices whilst working as they further their understanding of any hazards or dangers on work sites depending on what industry they are in.

If no employees on the site have received OSHA training, there is a higher risk of accidents or death on work sites. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that employees have gone through much training to complete their jobs in the safest way possible.

Benefits of OSHA training

Being OSHA compliant has an array of benefits thanks to the company’s esteemed reputation across various industries. Their courses are always reflecting the current state of the industry so you can be assured that nothing in the training is outdated or false.

Whether you are part of a small or large company, there are training programs available and they will provide priceless information and knowledge.

The first major benefit is that there are a reduced number of workplace accidents which is thanks to the further understanding of identifying and avoiding any hazards in the workplace.

Not only does this mean that the employees are more informed, but it also encourages a safer work environment which in turn will be a happier environment and a positive place to work.

The second main advantage of being OSHA compliant are the economic benefits that come with the training. OSHA’s programs are much cheaper than other competitors but the training and reputation exceed the competition and are more desired for companies to have.

By having the OSHA name attached to your company, clients will be more trusting of your services as they know that you will follow the appropriate health and safety protocol. This means that your company will be viewed at a higher standard and thus bring more money in.

OSHA Courses Available

Is it worth getting OSHA certifiedSo what kinds of courses are available? OSHA offers 10 hours and 30-hour training classes which are taught by authorized professionals.

The shorter 10-hour training class is more suited towards entry-level workers who are working under supervisors whereas the longer 30-hour training class is geared towards supervisors or workers who have been given new responsibilities.

The 10-hour training course is often seen as a starter course as it provides workers insight into the basics of onsite health and safety.

More geared for smaller and mid-sized companies that want to become OSHA compliant, the 10-hour course is affordable and helps employees to identify and avoid workplace hazards.

The specific topic depends on what kind of industry your company works in so you can be sure that the training is geared towards your job.

On the other hand, the OSHA 30 hour training course is geared towards companies that work on more hazardous sites and specifically for employees who work in jobs that work closely with dangerous substances and materials.

Examples include those who work on clean-ups that involve hazardous materials and substances as well as emergency response procedures.

Larger companies should bear this course in mind as the training is more intense and specified to your industry with courses including training on disposing of hazardous materials.

OSHA has made their courses as accessible as possible as they can be tailored depending on the participant whether they have disabilities or language barriers.

OSHA will accommodate their course both online or in-person depending on what is required. The training outcome will remain the same, the worker will learn how to identify and avoid hazards to prevent any accidents or injury from occurring.

OSHA Training

The OSHA training programs inform the participants of potential hazards across their industry and help them to identify them to prevent any incidents.

Among the many subjects covered, OSHA trains its participants on first aid, fire protection, and employee emergency action plans among many more. The specific topics taught include electrical safety, personal protective equipment, HAZWOPER, and fall protection among others.

The courses and topics covered depend on the company’s needs. OSHA will ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are matched with what is covered in the course so all the information and lessons are relevant to the participants’ jobs.

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