Hiring New Home Sales Superstars? Look For These 10 Talents

Key Points:

  • MatchBuilt welcomes Kathy Tucker, the founder of Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting, with more than 30 years of experience leading top-producing new home sales teams, to discuss traits and qualities to look for when hiring new home sales superstars.
  • There is no substitute for building a team stacked with top talent, and the most important thing a leader can do is hire the right people.
  • Never lower your standards to fill a position as you’ll regret your decision later.
  • Personal and professional drive, likability, persuasiveness, and optimism are among the leading factors to consider with hiring new home sales superstars.

Are New Home Sales Superstars Born or Made?

I contend it’s both.  The top new home sales professionals I’ve worked with through the years were not all the same type of people.  But they did have strikingly similar talents, and when placed in the right environment with the right tools, they were able to learn, adapt and grow into sales superstars. As a result, I have become a huge advocate of hiring for talent and potential. Not necessarily experience or sheer intelligence.  Not even sheer determination.

I seek talent and potential and then teach them the information they need to know to succeed in the organization.

What is talent? Talent is a recurring pattern of behavior, thought, and feeling.  The key is recurring, not occasional.  Talent is a characteristic that we can’t teach. It can be enhanced and developed to its full potential, but we can’t teach “talent.”

Potential is simply talent that has not yet been fully cultivated.  Hiring based primarily on experience has so many flaws. I have learned through far too many examples that hiring people with successful sales experience but without these talents results in a team who is often unwilling or unable to learn a new system, a new product, or a new way, and they often begin to blame others for their lackluster performance. Conversely, when I invested time in those with these specific talents, regardless of experience, wow!  Magic happened and rock stars were born!

Top 10 Talents of a New Home Sales Superstar

1.  Personal and Professional Drive

Professionally driven people have an innate desire to excel and a willingness to do what it takes to win. They set ambitious standards for themselves and make things happen.

2.  Results-Oriented

Results-oriented new home sales professionals are the closers. They’re acutely focused on conducting income-producing activities that will get sales.  While they understand a process is necessary, they don’t get derailed by the process.  Instead, they continue to move the process forward. They’re persistent and constantly working to close on the next logical step.

3.  Creative Problem-Solving Ability

The solution-oriented new home sales pros seek to learn the customer’s story and find opportunities to help them and move the process forward. They’re curious and ask better questions and seek different perspectives.  They see the new home sales process as a puzzle and love to figure out how to help the customer so they can close the sale.

4.  Optimistic Outlook

Top new home sales professionals have an optimistic outlook and expect to win.  They see opportunities even in the most challenging situations.  When they think of all the possible outcomes, their mind naturally goes to the best one. They’re constantly thinking about why their customers should buy, as opposed to why they might not buy.

5.  Self-Confident

Lead new home sales professionals to believe in themselves at all times.  Sales is a head game, and we encounter lot of no’s objections.  Those who have high self-confidence are more apt to see the situation for what it is.  They don’t take it personally, and their self-talk is positive. They’re quick to learn from mistakes, adapt, and move forward regardless of setbacks.

6.  Adaptable

The best new home sales counselors are adaptable and open to new and different ways of doing things. They’re willing to modify their approach and can easily adjust to stressful situations, handle multiple demands, and manage lots of balls in the air at once. When they realize a current strategy isn’t working, they’re able to modify their approach so they can move toward the close.

7.  Resilient

New home sales professionals that are resilient, rebound quickly after being rejected. They don’t take defeat personally and they embrace the attitude that a failure is a temporary event, a step in the journey.  They learn from mistakes and move on and they don’t place blame.

8.  Persuasive

Persuasiveness is a key trait of the top new home sales professionals. It’s their ability to tell a compelling story with a combination of passion, emotion, and logic, and move people to a desired course of action.  While this can be taught, those with this natural talent are more likely to be content in a sales role.

9.  Likable

Likable sales professionals naturally connect with others. They’re engaging, curious, and enjoyable to speak with. You’re drawn to them because they’re fun, genuine, and authentically interested in YOU.

10.  Passionate About Continuous Learning

These people are lifetime learners. They see sales as their craft, and they constantly want to improve their skills. They’re open to feedback and energized when they learn new techniques. They’re always striving to do better and BE better. Of course, there are other skills and characteristics that are important, like planning and organization, time management, and communication skills. But these skills can be taught, as can basic selling skills.

The talents above are part of a person’s core being.  They can be enhanced, but they can’t be taught.  Look at your top salespeople. I bet they possess all or most of these talents. Like a great coach, when you hire the right people for the job and give them the right leadership, magic will happen and a superstar sales team will be born!  And then watch out world, the sky’s the limit!

More from Kathy Tucker on New Home Sales Training

kathy tucker new home sales trainer
Kathy Tucker

Kathy Tucker, the founder of Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting, is a dynamic, results-driven sales executive and trainer with more than 30 years of experience leading top-producing sales teams for the nation’s leading Home Builders.

Kathy started in New Home Sales and sold over 100 homes in her first year.  During her career, she held many positions including Sales Trainer,  VP of Sales, and Division President of a National Home Builder.  Recognizing there was a need for sales management training in the New Home Industry, Kathy started her coaching and consulting firm and specializes in offering one-on-one coaching and group training workshops for sales managers of all experience levels to enhance their skills and share with them the proven systems, skills and tools to build and lead a world-class sales team and increase bottom-line results.

Kathy’s signature program, “9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team,” has been a huge success and offers extensive guidance to help sales leaders of all levels.

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