10 Important Job Skills Home Builders Are Looking For

Key Points About Important Job Skills

  • Job skills home builders will be seeking in 2020 include data literacy and tech-savviness.
  • Emotional intelligence and strong leadership will always be soft skills critical to employers in the residential construction industry.

10 Most Important Job Skills Employers Are Looking For

Forbes has a great piece by Bernard Marr, an Enterprise Tech Contributor that describes the most important job skills every company will be looking for in 2020.  All of them relate well to job skills home builders relish and may prove valuable when interviewing or creating your resume for a new job or career.

Below are each of the skills, their take, and how they relate to the home building sector.  Consider these skills as you update your resume or prepare for your next interview.

1. Data Literacy

job seeker learning about important job skillsData has become every organization’s most important asset—the “fuel” of the 4th industrial revolution. Companies that don’t use that fuel to drive their success will inevitably fall behind. So, to make data valuable, organizations must employ individuals who have data literacy and the skills to turn the data into business value.

Homebuilders have always been rich with data.  In fact, data from changing demographics, customer surveys, changing buyer needs, sales ratios, costing, etc, have never been more important and will always be extremely key to a home builder’s growth.

Individuals that can turn this information into business value and discover new opportunities will continue to be highly valued in the homebuilding industry.

2. Critical Thinking

There’s no shortage of information and data, but individuals with the ability to discern what information is trustworthy among the abundant mix of misinformation such as fakes news, deep fakes, propaganda, and more will be critical to an organization’s success. Critical thinking doesn’t imply being negative; it’s about being able to objectively evaluate information and how it should be used or even if an organization should trust it.

Many aspects of homebuilding have to do with codes and regulations in addition to complex problems that need to be solved. Regardless of your place within a company, you’ll encounter a situation where you’ll examine the work done against a set standard, and you’ll also have to modify procedures for better or more efficient outcomes.

Critical thinking is a vital soft skill for an organization’s success.

3. Tech Savviness

Technical skills will be required by employees doing just about every job since digital tools will be commonplace as the 4th industrial revolution impacts every industry.

Historically, the homebuilding industry has been slow to integrate change into its philosophies and business plans. That said, early adopters, understand the benefits of embracing new technological advancements as they look to gain an edge on their competition.  In order to compete, companies continue to look for ways to shift toward technology that can be a strategic long-term asset and you should too.

While understanding and continuing to integrate software and mobile apps are extremely important, AI and machine learning in residential construction will be crucial in 2020 and beyond.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

As quickly as the world is changing, the half-life of skills is constantly reducing. Therefore, career-conscious people need to commit to learning new skills throughout their careers and know they must be adaptable to change.

It goes without saying the adaptability and flexibility are super important in any workplace.  The benefits of being adaptable at work include being more valuable to your employer, being a better leader, being happier and more satisfied at work and life, being better at handling career transition, and having the ability to bounce back from adversity.  As you can imagine, these traits are very important to any home builder that you may consider.

5. Creativity

Regardless of how many machines work beside us, humans are still better at creativity.

As ENR suggests, “For an industry founded upon solving problems, creativity is a quality that may well be as fundamental to projects as the laws of physics.  Creativity is behind every breakthrough material that changes the way structures are conceived and every process that helps streamline project schedules. It’s as far-reaching as a life-saving safety improvement and as humble as a bit of job site thoughtfulness that makes a client’s day.” As you approach your next interview or resume update, consider how you have improved business due to your creativity.

6. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Another area where humans have the edge on machines is with emotional intelligence—our ability to be aware of, control, and express our emotions and the emotions of others.

Emotional intelligence is key to a leadership role with any of the top 100 home builders, and it helps them to adapt.  As the Gottman Institute suggests, “Being aware of, understanding, and managing your emotions and of those around you should help you to navigate through an ever-changing world, and even to become a successful leader in it.”

7. Cultural Intelligence and Diversity

Organizations are increasingly diverse, and productive employees must be able to respect differences and work with people of a different race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Become a better employee by always encouraging and embracing diversity in the workplace.  Grow by learning about the cultural backgrounds, lives, and interests of your team outside of the workplace.  Include opportunities for your team to interact in settings outside of work so that employees feel more comfortable.

8. Leadership Skills

designer doing job skills important to home buildersLeadership skills will be paramount for not only those at the top of a traditional corporate hierarchy but increasingly for those individuals throughout the company who are expected to lead in the 4th industrial revolution.

9. Judgment and Complex Decision Making

Machines might be able to analyze data at the speed and depth humans are incapable of. However, many decisions regarding what to do with the information provided by machines must still be made by humans. Humans, with the ability to take input from the data while considering how decisions can impact the broader community, including effects on human sensibilities such as morale, are essential members of the team.

Healthy decision-making is among the valuable job skills home builders rely upon because it empowers employees and leaders to make mindful choices that have the best chance of leading to a favorable outcome.

Effective decision-making in the residential construction industry often requires you to identify many potential options, anticipate possible issues, consider the needs or wants of others impacted by the decision, understand the impact on a project, department, and the organization as a whole, and deliberate when under pressure.  Your growth in managing all of these and other variables can help you identify the most efficient approach to make effective workplace decisions promptly.

10. Collaboration

When companies are looking to hire humans in the 4th industrial revolution, skills that are uniquely human such as collaboration and strong interpersonal skills will be emphasized. They will want employees on their team who can interact well with others and help drive the company forward collectively.

In the Ultimate Guide to Building Collaboration in Construction, Grace Ellis reinforces this. “When collaboration is strong, team members pool their resources and knowledge and prioritize meeting shared goals dictated by the timeline and budget of the entire process rather than their own goals. This, of course, is the ideal way to conduct projects.”

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